DAV College, Jalandhar, has performed a Yajya on the completion of the centenary year

Jalandhar 14 May (Jaswinder Azad)- Being a witness to the freedom struggle of nation, DAV College of Jalandhar has completed its centenary year. The motto of the college is Tamso Ma Jyotigrmya (from the darkness of illetracy towards the light of knowledge (education)). DAV College, Jalandhar, has performed a Yajya on the completion of the centenary year. Om's sound made the whole atmosphere devotional.
On this occasion of Hawan yajna Principal Jagrup Singh, Principal Inderjit Talwar, S K Mayor, Vice Principal V.K Sareen, Vice Principal TD Saini, Staff Secretary Prof. Vipan Jhanji, Joint Staff Secretary Prof. Deepak Wadhawan, Bursar Prof Ajay Kumar Agarwal, Deputy Registrar Prof. Anu Gupta,  , Dean Examination Prof. Salil Kumar Uppal, Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan, Prof Navin Sood, Prof. Naveen Saini, Prof. Sonika, Dr. Samir Sharma, Prof. Satpal Singh, Dr. Jeevan Asha, Dr. Suresh Khurana and many former students, former teachers and current faculty of DAV were present.
Principal Dr. S.K Arora said that we should enter the new era consciously. A vigilant the person is more successful.Through the education and rituals, an empowered person builds a cultured society and a powerful nation and continue to get its success till generations. Nowadays, no person can deny the growth of digital media. We have done a lot of work on our Digital Strategy and now we are also planning to expand it further. keeping in view the policies of future, the college will be offering the first Vedic Arya Conference for the centennial celebrations, introducing new curriculum and outsourcing. The college will create a link to join the alumni and provide financial support by making the page of the Old Devine's Association (ODA) on its website. The college expects thousands of students from the country and abroad to be associated with the college again. On this occasion, with the help of alumni, there is also a plan to mobilise new facilities in special scholarship and college. High quality research labs, promoting research activities, training of teachers for new techniques and many scholarships for students are included in the scheme. We are planning to start the app named "DAV App" to connect students with the library, so that students will be able to get information about books by sitting in any corner of the world. The plan also is that through this app, the students will be able to deposit their assignments online and all the news about the subject of every department will be available in this app and registration for online competition will also be done from this app. I believe that the coming generation is extremely sensible, hardworking and intelligent and I hope that they will enlighten their house as well as enlighten the house of others by helping the others.I pray to GOD that our college will continue brightening the future of children in the same way. We are doing many things for the centennial celebration year and we will do our best to prove that it is a “Historic Year” for DAV. I congratulate everyone on the foundation day of college and wish you all the best.
"Since DAV College has established its foundation till today it has been considered one of the most important educational institutions in the country, this college has maintained a strong commitment to excellence in the field of research and teaching. The college is trying to make the students curious, ambitious and reliable citizens. The colleges encourage developing a scientific thinking for all subjects. DAV College is able to become a major role model of the country, on this 100 years of journey of this organization, whoever has contributed in this entire era, whoever contributed his own contribution, I congratulate all of them and I express my gratitude to everyone from heart ", he added.
Staff Secretary Prof. Vipan Jhanji congratulated on behalf of the whole staff on this occasion and praised DAV College in very artistic way he said that whenever the best education will be discussed in India, the contribution of DAV Jalandhar will continue to be discussed. The children of this college not only become good people but are also elected on higher posts and will continue. This is the speciality of college that this not only educates the children but also develops their personality who further achieves in every field.
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