Agriculture Department Of Innocent Hearts Group Of Institutions Promoteing Organic Farming

Jalandhar October 21 (Jaswinder Azad)- Students & teachers of B.Sc Agriculture department visited village Rahimpur. The motive behind this visit was to update the knowledge and skills of the villagers and students regarding the organic farming. In this visit teachers guided the villagers regarding the different crop growing procedures like sowing, seeds identification, sprays, modifications etc. In this visit Assistant professor Mithlesh Panday & Assistant professor Kinker Singh accompanied and guided the students regarding the need and importance of this visit. In this visit they also explained the students regarding the importance of dairy farming and easy/best methods of organic and dairy farming. Assistant professor Mithlesh Panday added that farmers today have lost much of their ancestral farming knowledge and introduce chemical base farming and in many places trees have stopped bearing fruits because of heavy use of pesticides. So, now a days it is important for the farmers to have the knowledge of organic farming and avoiding the use of commercial fertilizers, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

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