Apeejayites Achieve Glory In Bengaluru

Jalandhar October 13 (Jaswinder Azad)- Students of BCA Sem III achieved glory in a hackathon competition titled “Semicolon Hackathon 2.0” organized by SAP Labs, Bengaluru at Bengaluru. A contest in 3 rounds, first two rounds were conducted online while the third took place in Bengaluru. The major objective of the competition was to check the real life problem solving ability of the students by devising innovative solutions.
Having cleared first two rounds, Apeejay’s Team ‘Savers’ made it to the Finale. Team ‘Savers’ designed out an Android App named ‘The Health Guard’ while Team ‘Dieticians’ designed out an innovative Android App ‘Dieticians’. These innovative Apeejayites were Jigeesha, Paritosh, Divanshi, Shivansh. All teams that made to the finale were rewarded with an Amazon voucher of Rs.6,000/- each and hands-free Bluetooth device etc.
Principal Dr. Sucharita Sharma lauded the innovative brains and also congratulated the faculty members of Computer Science & IT Department for a brilliant show.

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