CT Engineering students design Solar Operated Mobile and Laptop Charger

Another team develops Solar Operated Wi-Fi enabled custom LED display
Jalandhar February 21 (Jaswinder Azad)- A team of 5 students from Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering(ECE), CT Institute of Engineering, Management and Technology namely Ajay Kumar, Chandan Kumar Jha, Ankush, Gursewak Singh and Gyan Singh (2016-20 batch), have designed a working prototype of “Solar Operated Mobile and Laptop Charger” under the guidance of Dr. Harjit Pal Singh, Associate Professor & HOD ECE.
After its successful testing, the students have installed it in the institute with open and free access to all. This charger is fully solar operated and is capable of charging mobile phones/laptops via two 210-230V AC ports and two 2A/1A USB charging ports.
One of the students Ajay Kumar said, “The prototype has been specially designed to be used at remote locations where electrical supply is either unavailable or difficult to reach. The housing of the project provides sufficient space to place 2 laptops and 2 mobile phones at the same time. Furthermore, the design also incorporates different sensors to detect any fault and send an alert to developers.”
Another team from the department namely Khushpal, Bobby Bhatia, Sanjeev Kumar, Amit Kumar and Hitesh Sharma has developed a “Solar operated Wi-Fi enabled custom LED display” which is successfully tested and installed in the institute as well. The screen is linked with mobile app to update text on display and is also fully operated via solar energy.
Dr. G S Kalra, Campus Director and Dr. Vaneet Kumar, Vice Principal congratulated the students for taking keen interest in converting their ideas into useful working models.
Manbir Singh, Managing Director, CT Group appreciated the sincere efforts of students for making such environment friendly models and encouraged them to take their R&D interests further.

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