CT Public School remains stern on its rules

A Report by Principal Poonam Gobind Ram, CT Public School
Jalandhar 17 September (Jaswinder Azad)- This is to report the incidents of un-cooperation and misconduct of three set of parents at CT Public School today. All the three were different cases and were being dealt separately. However taking advantage of the situation all the parents tried to gang up and instigate others as well. They got together and put a lock outside the school. The school authorities had to call the police at this.
The first case is of Rajveer Verma, who studies in class 6A here. He had overdue pending fee. The school had been sending several reminders but to no effect. The last warning message was sent on the 8th of September, ’18 for the fee to be paid by the 10th of September ’18, failing which the student would not be allowed to appear for the Half Yearly Exams. A phone call was also made home thereafter. In spite of this the student was sent to school. The school made the child sit at the reception and called the parents to come and take their ward back.
The school maintains the stand that Rajveer can appear for the rest of the exams only after the settlement of the dues.
The second case is of Saijal of class +2 Commerce. As per her track record she is a regular late comer to school. As a practice, the school gates were closed at 7.35 am today also. Saijal was late as usual, arriving at 7.42 am. We called up the parents and asked them to come and take their ward back. However the parents and the child put up a big resistance at the gate. Saijal also tried to bang the Managing Director’s car. Thereafter she started shouting expletives to the Principal and Vice-Principal. We tried to call the parents in and reason out with them but they refused to meet. Instead they were only bent on creating a scene outside the school. Moreover Saijal’s behavior was unacceptable and the Principal had decided to expel the student with immediate effect. However on a lot of pleading and having submitted an apology letter, the case has been considered as a last warning. Saijal will come to school and appear for rest of the exams.
The third case is of Suhani of class 6B. It seems the child had a very high fever but she was hell bent on writing the exam today. The mother came to school early in the morning around 7 am and wanted the permission to bring the child only for writing her exam. She was asked to wait for a call from the school for the same. However the child was brought to school, without waiting for any such consent at about 8 am. The school refused to take the child in on the grounds first the child was late and secondly fever could be contagious putting the health of our other students at risk. The Principal had a word with the father and tried to reason out with him. Later both the parents were called and spoken to. They were counseled on the ground that the health of the child was more important and exam was a very small thing in the whole growth process of a child. However instead of understanding the parents put up a lot of protest. Later with the intervention of the police, they were made to understand the same and Suhani would be appearing for rest of the exams provided she has a sound health. Parents will keep the school posted on the same. We expect all our parents to trust us and cooperate with us on all disciplinary issues. We expect them to understand that whatever is being done is being done for their wards’ good.

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