CTIHM holds workshop on chocolate moulding

Jalandhar February 7 (Jaswinder Azad)- CT Institute of Hotel Management (CTIHM) organized a workshop on chocolate moulding for the students of Hotel Management. This workshop was delivered by Chef Rajesh. In this workshop, the students were taught about the origin of chocolate, its types and method used for tempering chocolate and how to use chocolate to create different sculptures and shapes.
Dr Bharat Kapoor, Director, CTIHM briefed the students about how the skills are gained during these workshops and practical classes can be utilized in becoming a good entrepreneur. He said, “Students were made to learn about chocolate tempering, mouldng procedure and importance of temperature during tempering. It was a very useful workshop for students.”
Manbir Singh, Managing Director CT Group appreciated the efforts of students and faculty of Hotel Management for organizing this skill enhancing workshop.

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