Jalandhar November 14 (Jaswinder Azad)- DIPS UE-1 Jalandhar organized Bal Mela on the occasion of Children’s Day. It was a special day for the children as they had various stall, Dance, fun games all dedicated to themselves. The programme was witnessed by CEO Monika Mandotra. She appreciated the Principal Neelu Bawa for holding this mega event dedicated exclusively for the children, by the children. There were a variety of eating stall like Burger, Patties, Dahi Bhalla, Muffins, fruit chat, Imported chocolate, Beverage ect to Ticket the tasty birds. Fun Zone organized exciting games and children merrily danced to the tune of the choice. on this occasion Pre-Wing teachers Organized Dolls Marriage. The venue was traditionally decorated in the garden area. In this wedding occasion the golden section was performed bridal side and section B were from Groom side. Children came in marriage party attire. The corridor area was arranged as dance and music floor. Children enjoyed and dance along with teacher. The event was highly praised by the management, Chain of DIPS Institution as the children’s? Day was truly celebrated with great zeal.

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