DIPS-UE 1 EMI Ultra cycling team was given a warm welcome

EMI cycling team is committed for its aim
Jalandhar November 3 (Jaswinder Azad)- EMI (Eletronic & Mechanical Engineers) Ultra cycling team reached today in campus of UE-1. This team full of zeal & enthusiasm & the whole team had there ‘Jai Bharat’ slogan. Lt Col Vishal Ahlawat took the lead of this team. CEO Ms. Monica Mandotra of Chain of DIPS Institutions, Principal of school Ms. Neelu Bawa , teachers & students appreciated the efforts of this team. On this occasion, EMI team shared experienced & guided the students to their all assignments & duties with full zeal & confidence. Lt. Col Vishal Ahlawat told that this cycling campaign is being organized in the name of Jai Bharat due to the Platinum Jubilee of EMI Core. This campaign is completed from 15th August to 2nd December 2018. He further added that our team has completed 25,000 Km EMI Centre, which started Sikandrabad. Its aim is to have pollution free country & Indian army which is committed to look after the Indians. All the martyrs should be saluted be their sacrifices and would reach their home town. This team has completed 2929 km journey from Sikandrabad to Leh , from Leh to Kanyakumari 38 49 km, Kanyakumari to Tibitu 4598km, from Tibitu to kateshwar 3880 km, and kateshwar to jalandhar 2800 km, the fastest covrage time of this team is 14 day s, 3 hrs, 4min. During there speech Anuj mahindra encouraged the student s to join army. We all shoul d be patriot. The further added that during Jammu’s battle. He has lost his his one leg, but he is still having the same patriotic feelings. CEO Monica Mandotra told the students that they are so lucky to meet such rare personalities.

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