Dr. Gurpinder Singh Samra has reiterated the demand to the Government of Punjab regarding the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme Grant

Jalandhar 15 September (Jaswinder Azad)- Dr. Gurpinder Singh Samra, the President of Principals’ Association Non Govt. Affiliated College has reiterated the demand to the Government of Punjab regarding the release of Post Matric Scholarship Scheme Grant for Reserved Category students which has been stuck in the pipeline for the last three years. Previously, Cabinet Minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsot promised regarding the 70% release of post scholarship scheme grant while adding that the remaining 30% would be released soon and picking on the same promise made by the Minister, Dr. Samra has urged the government of Punjab to fulfil this promise soon. Principal Dr. Samra also informed that the amount impending with the government is now reaching the figures of seven digits and in the absence of such grants, many colleges of the region are suffering financially and are unable to meet their regular expenditures. He also added that such policies of the government are responsible for delay in the salaries for college teachers and staff members. It was also recalled that as per the current scheme, Government of Punjab will ensure the scholarship amount’s delivery into the bank accounts of the eligible and verified students and students will have to subsequently deposit the same as their scholarship fee to their respective institutions. Dr. Gurpinder Singh Samra expressed his concern over such a scenario where a lack of funds from the government is forcing the hands of colleges to pay expenses on their own and such a scenario would also force them to take full tuition fees from the students further leading to a situation of controversy and upheaval. On behalf of the College Principals Association, Dr. G.S. Samra has urged the Government of Punjab to make full efforts regarding the same.

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