Jalandhar March 29 (Jaswinder Azad)- English has virtually become a “Window to the World” . Its importance at the global level cannot be subjected to any questioning. It’s the common language that enhances communication to the people across the world. Keep in mind all the aspects CEO DIPS Chain of Institution Mrs. Monika Mandotra stressed on these points during the workshop for the English faculty. This workshop was held at DIPS School Urben estate-1 under the banner of DIPS Educational Research and Developmental Board. Around 60 teachers teaching English language and literature to Primary and senior secondary classes attended the workshop. Prof. Gulzar singh chanchal subject expart and resource person. At the start s. Gulzar singh explained the importance or correct usage and correct spelling, appropriate vocabulary and correct Punctuation .He discussed the part of speech and elaborated that often the same word could function as different part of speech. Correct usage of punctuation , He said ,Makes the written composition vinid and bring out the meaning without any scope for ambiguity. Prfo.chanchal also discussed the grammatical items and their correct application in written as well as spoken English. He discussed everything in a threadbare manner. The interactive and pragmatic approach adopted by him made ever the most intricate things easily understood by the participants. His presentation discussed every item in its minutest details. CEO Mrs. Mandotra said to the teachers to read more, to learn more and to transfer more knowledge to their students. She praised the resource person for conducting the workshop in a practically useful manner. Mementos and certificates were given to the outstanding participants.

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