English Literary Society holds lecture on Percy Bysshe Shelley’s birthday

Percy Bysshe ShelleyJalandhar September 30 (Jaswinder Azad)- A special lecture was delivered to the students by Assistant Professor Ms. Aabroo Sharma on the birth anniversary of Percy Bysshe Shelley eulogize his scholarly merits. A lyricist with finesse, a romantic to the core and a staunch radical, Shelley made unprecedented contributions to the field of academia. His poetry dealt with themes of the power of nature, mortality, atheism, oppression and revolution. Nature, he believed, did not operate on a divine plane but at a subliminal level. His cynical writings splashed with political hues were clearly not in line with the times of his day. His politically incensed temperament earned him a bad name and at the same time made revolutionary thinkers line Karl Marx, who found recluse in his writings, embrace socialism. The lecture proved fruitful in apprising the students of the life and feats of a man who received recognition which was due much later to his death.

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