Four Schools of Innocent Hearts Celebrated World Heritage Day

Jalandhar April 18 (Jaswinder Azad)- Innocent Hearts School – Green Model Town, Loharan, Cantt. – Jandiala Road and Royal World School celebrated World Heritage Day. A number of activities were organized as per the age groups. On this occasion, P.P.T was shown to the students on Historical Monuments. The students from INNOKIDS to class X took part in the activities. The children enjoyed the culture of the country with the help of Power Point Presentation too. They were explained that monuments of the country are a rich heritage of India. It is our duty to preserve and conserve our heritage. The new generation keeps alive the culture of India. Information about Freedom Fighters wasshared with the students. The students of class IX and X made collages of the historical monuments of India. A movie ‘Victory of India’ and ‘History of India’ depicting the struggle of Freedom Fighters was shown to the students. The students promised that they would really respect the culture of India and maintain cleanliness of heritage of India and motivate their parents for the same.

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