Free Uniform will be given under ‘Meri Vardi Meri Pehachaan Yojna”

Jalandhar March 25 (Jaswinder Azad)- In another endeavor of recognizing the importance of uniform in the workplace and organization; St. Soldier Group of Institutions has started a campaign called “Meri Vardi Meri Pehchaan”. According to Chairman of St. Soldier Group Anil Chopra “When you wear Uniform it gives you responsibility and at the same time gives you identity. Every School and College does have a Uniform, but students wear it as mandatory but not as a pride for them. So by taking the inspiration from our brave soldiers who wear their uniform with pride and honor, we have started the Campaign for our engineering students in St.Soldier Group of Institutions to offer free Uniform to the students who will take admission in this session. The campaign is for the Engineering and Polytechnic students. Any student who will register or take admission by 30 April,2019 will be given free uniform of St. Soldier Group of Institutions.
Addition to it Vice Chairperson Sangeeta Chopra mentioned that under this Yojna every student will be given One Blazer, Two Shirts, Two Pants and One necktie. This is just to introduce professionalism and prepare our students for the corporate culture. When students will be placed in various companies than they have to perform as professional, this is just an initiative to make them aware about their responsibilities and belongingness where they study and work.

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