GNA University co-partnered International Conference SEAHF-2019 at Madrid, Spain

Jalandhar February 8 (Jaswinder Azad)- GNA University in association with Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spanish: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM) conducted an International Conference on “Smart Innovation, Ergonomics and Applied human factors” (SEAHF) at Madrid Spain from 22nd January 2019 to 24th January 2019 in which 5 faculty members and 4 research scholars from GNA presented their research work in person at the conference and 15 research papers from GNA University will be published in Springer Journal with Impact Factor.
SEAHF targeted different scientific fields and invited academia, researchers and educators to share innovative ideas and exposed their works in the presence of experts from all over the world. The conference was organized under the supervision of the General Chairman, Prof. Cesar Benavente-Peces(Universidad Politécnicade Madrid) and the Co-Chairman Prof. Sami Ben Slama (King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia) and Prof. Vikrant Sharma(GNA University, Punjab, India). Dr. Vikrant Sharma has been the chairperson of the session Information Security and Mobile Engineering (ISME).
SEAHF focused on original research and practice driven applications encouraging authors to extend and improve their research activity seeking for smart and innovative ideas while considering human factors as roadmap to reach the excellence in research-development-innovation. SEAHF was aimed at providing a common link between a vibrant scientific and research community and industry professionals by offering a clear view of current real-life problems and how new challenges are faced, supported by information and communication technologies. SEAHF is organized setting a balance between innovative industrial approaches and original research work while it doesn’t forget relevant issues affecting citizens: individual and collective rights, security, pollution, health, applications and new technologies.
Real life issues were the goal of this conference including industrial activity, energy generation, education, business and health. In order to cover such relevant areas on people life, the conference was organised in eight tracks:
Smart technologies and Artificial Intelligence (SAI)
Green Energy Production and Transfer Systems (GETS)
Aerospace Engineering/ Robotics and IT (AERIT)
Information Security and Mobile Engineering (ISME)
IT in Bio-Medical Engineering and smart agronomy (BESA)
IT, Smart Marketing, Management & Tourism Policy (SMTP)
Technology and Education (TE)
Hydrogen & Fuel cell energy technologies (HFCET).
Additionally, the conference was an opportunity for students developing their PhD. Thesis, given they shared their ideas with experts from different sectors: academics, researchers, and the industry. In this way they were able to discuss their ideas and got on-site relevant remarks to improve or re-conduct the investigation.
A total of 142 papers were submitted to the SEAHF 2019 conference from a number of institutions all around the world. The review process was exhaustive and 85 papers were accepted for oral presentation and publication in the proceedings. Delegates from US, Tunisia, India, France, Japan and all around world shared this international platform for exchange of their research ideas. One of the papers from GNA University, titled “ICI reduction using enhanced data conversion technique with 1×2 and 1×4 receive diversity for OFDM” was adjudged as the Best paper in the session.
GNA University was a beneficiary of the SEAHF2019 conference and the Universidad Politécnicade Madrid in order to promote their attendance to the conference, participate in the programmed activities and share experiences with other researchers around the world. The participation of professors and students from GNA University added a remarkable impact on their international relations. GNA Group has the excellent corporate legacy of more than 72 years and is the Asia’s largest auto-parts manufacturing group with clients like Eicher, Suzuki, Bosch, BMW, Mercedes-Benz to name a few. GNA has 3 manufacturing units and 1 Aviation center that has 2 propeller aircrafts.
The team from GNA University explored the magnificent electronics and communication lab facilities of the Universidad Politécnicade Madrid. A discussion on exploring opportunities for students to take up specialise trainings in both campuses for mechanical engineering and communication engineering to equip them in their specialized interest fields and also the students of Universidad Politécnicade Madrid can come to GNA Industries for their summer internship in Mechanical industries and students of GNA University can go to Universidad Politécnicade Madrid for hands-on on electronics and communication engineering.
An official announcement have been made at the conference that venue of the SEAHF will be alternate i.e. one year at Universidad Politécnicade Madrid and the next year venue will be GNA University, India. So SEAHF-2020 will take place at GNA University, Punjab, India.
Dr. V.K. Rattan (Vice Chancellor) congratulated the GNA team for presenting their research work at international research work. S. Gurdeep Singh Seehra (Pro-Chancellor) motivated other faculty members to become active in research field because research leads to progressive future.

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