Graduation Ceremony for the kids of KGII at INNOKIDS Innocent Hearts School

Jalandhar March 9 (Jaswinder Azad)- Graduation Ceremony for the kids moving on from kindergarten to Class 1 was conducted at INNOKIDS – the pre- primary school of Innocent Hearts – G.M.T., Loharan and Cantt. Jandiala Road and Royal World International School. The kids were very excited. The li’l ones dressed up in blue convocation gowns with red caps receiving certificates on stage looking great. They were very excited to receive their degrees. The event had endless amazing moments for the crowd to cheer. This was followed by Popping party for the kids. The children thanked their teachers for their love and support through the medium of poems. The children danced with happiness at the moment. The young ones were going through mixed emotions as they were feeling excited while moving to the higher Grade and feeling nostalgic as they were going to leave their teachers of nursery and KGI. Incharge INNOKIDS- Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur- G.M.T., Mrs. Alka Arora – Loharan, Mrs. Nitika Kapoor – Cantt. – Jandiala Road and Ms. Pooja Rana – Cantt. Jandiala Road congratulated the kids for getting promoted to the next grade.On this occasion; certificates along with their printed photograph were given to the kids. The Incharges mentioned, “It is a wonderful experience to watch these young ones growing. I wish them the very best and wish God to bless them!” Executive Director Schools – Mrs. Shally Bowry wished good luck to the children.

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