Innocent Hearts Group of Institutions organised a seminar on traffic rules

Jalandhar December 5 (Jaswinder Azad)- Innocent Hearts Group of Institutions, Loharan campus organised a seminar on traffic rules for students. The session was conducted by Mr. Shamsher Singh –A.S.I., of traffic police jalandhar. He acquainted the students about the traffic rules to be followed on road. He mentioned that those who do not meet the eligibility criteria set by the Government to get driving license should not drive vehicles without license. The rules are meant for the safety of everyone and violation of them can be dangerous for their life. The traffic rules should be followed while walking on the road too. One should move before time from one’s place to reach its destination rather than driving fast to meet the time dead line. Cell phones should be avoided while driving. The students are the best source to spread message to society. Safety of everyone should be taken care of. They also mentioned that the rules are made to be followed. The Government has made some special rules to punish those who defy the rules. Group Director Dr Shailesh Tripathi & Principal of Hotel Management Prof. Deepak Paul thanked Mr. Shamsher Singh for sharing the wonderful ideas and knowledge to the students and said college will keep on organizing such kind of seminars for the benefits students and we all should take a pledge to follow the rules in our daily life.

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