Innocent Hearts Organized International Yoga Day

Innocent Hearts Organized International Yoga DayJalandhar June 21 (Jaswinder Azad)- Under the leadership of‘The Bowry Memorial Educational and Medical Trust’ Innocent Hearts School organized a yoga session on World Yoga Day.On this occasion the Management, Staff and students took part in the yoga session enthusiastically. Principal Mr. Rajeev Paliwal mentioned that yoga is important as it improves physical, mental and emotional health. Yoga helps in meditation and gives peace of mind. All teachers took part in the session actively and with great enthusiasm.Yog Guru mentioned that it helps to remove stress and trains usto control thoughts which fills us withpositivity.The trainersstress on exercises which improve the metabolism of the body.The trainersexplained the importance ofyogasans and mentioned the right way to perform them.Yogasanas andPranayamsKapalBhati , AnulomVilom helps to stay healthy. Yoga should be a part of one’s life to lead a healthy life.

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