Innocent Hearts organized Professional Development Programmes for the Teachers

Jalandhar January 12 (Jaswinder Azad)- Innocent Hearts conducted three workshops on “Professional Development” and “Classroom that Cares” in the GMT branch. The main aim of these was to enable teachers to manage students in the changing mental and physical scenario of today. The workshop on professional development was conducted by Ms. Nandita Mukerji. It was an interactive session where the teachers were encouraged to use DI – “Differential Instruction” with the aim of” Enhancing Instructional skills through differentiation and Creative Teaching Techniques”. Here it is emphasized that each child has needs and problems which are varied and require a different approach. The second workshop was conducted by Ms. Avneet Kaur a noted Educational Psychologist from Delhi. She emphasized the need to make the classroom “Student friendly” making sure the teacher knows her students and finds a sympathetic solution to individual problems that the students encounter. The teachers must first love themselves and only then can they pass on the love and care to their students. On the Third day, Psychologist Mrs. Himani Mittal shared tips on Effective Teaching with the teachers and motivated them to update them time to time to meet the demands of the students. Vice Principal Ms. Sharmila Nakra presented a token of thankfulness to the resource persons. Director Principal Mr. Dheeraj Banati explained that the management organizes these workshops time to time to help the educators to stay in touch with the pulse of the future generation.

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