Jalandharites experience Happiness Carnival at CT Public School

• Such carnivals that spread happiness and moral values must be organized on regular basis: DC Varinder Sharma
• CT Public School organises carnival with a difference
Jalandhar January 27 (Jaswinder Azad)- It was a bright day full of colors, smiles and happiness at CT Public School. It was an occasion of Happiness Carnival- a carnival with a difference in which thousands of people of all age groups gathered and experienced various activities of happiness. The Chief Guest for the occasion remained Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma. He was accompanied by management members namely Charanjit S Channi, Chairman, Co-chairperson Parminder Kaur Channi, Managing Director, Manbir Singh, Vice Chairman Harpreet Singh, Tanika Singh and Seerat Singh.
Guests were welcomed with Lord Ganesha’s idol where students showcased the importance of Lord Ganesha’s body parts like ears, trunk, belly and modak. It was followed by Karma Zone where students presented the significance of Past, Present and Future Karma and the role that these phases play in one’s life. Later, residents experienced 10 other zones namely Helping Zone, Flying Zone, Kids Zone, Heritage Zone, Refreshing Zone, Happiness Zone, Anger Free Zone, WOW Zone, Selfie Zone and Laughing Zone.
All the zones included various games and fun filled activities that were meant for all age groups, starting from a toddler to senior citizen. The students and staff were dressed up in yellow and orange attire, promoting the objective of happiness. It was a colorful picture where students were refreshing themselves at DJ stage, kids were playing games like crossing the hurdle, laughing out loud, knock down the pyramid, fathers were flying colorful kites, ladies were playing tambola and senior citizens were experience their time of weaving phulkaris, playing hopscotch (stapu) and spinning charkhas.
The students in numerous cartoon characters uplifted the mood of guests and were the center of attraction for selfies.
DC Varinder Kumar Sharma while appreciating this initiative said, “This is one of the unique carnivals that I have ever experienced which is quite refreshing. Such carnivals that spread happiness and moral values must be organized on regular basis.”
Telling about the key objective of this carnival, Vice Principal Sukhdeep Kaur said, “The brain behind this carnival is of Amrit Kalsi, Deputy Director, Trainings and the sincere efforts of staff members and students have made this carnival with a difference, a grand success. The objective was to remove negativity by spreading happiness and moral values among people especially students who are burdened with studies and exams. This was also a stress buster for them.”
Managing Director, Manbir Singh thanked students, their parents and people who participated in this carnival and appreciated the efforts of the school for organizing such a unique carnival which was the need of an hour as people are over burdened in their personal and professional lives.

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