KMV Organizes a One Day National Seminar on “Science for Sustainable Development”

Jalandhar March 25 (Jaswinder Azad)- KMV-the Heritage and Autonomous Institution, Jalandhar’s PG Department of Chemistry organised a One day National Seminar on “Science for Sustainable Development” under DBT Star College Status. Principal Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi gave a floral welcome to the eminent speakers Dr.Ravishankar and Dr.G.S. Sodhi. The seminar commenced with the lecture of Dr.Ravishankar, Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT, Delhi on the topic “Sustainable Development-Global Challenges & Remediation”. He threw light on the meaning and relevance of sustainable development in modern time. He also discussed about the four branches of sustainability research and various sustainable development goals. The second lecture was delivered by Dr. G.S Sodhi, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Forensic Science, SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University, Delhi on the topic ”Role of Forensic Chemistry in processing crime scene evidence”. He sensitised the students about the role of forensic science in solving crime cases and explained different types of fingerprints and fingerprint characters. He further detailed the conventional methods of fingerprint development followed by innovations done by him in development of latent fingerprints. He also cited the examples of crime cases successfully solved by his team. In the evening session, third lecture was delivered by Dr. Varinder, Assistant Professor, NIT, Jalandhar on the topic ”Green Chemistry: Organic Reactions on water or in water?”. He introduced the history and development of green chemistry concept to the students followed by elaboration of twelve basic principles of green chemistry. He further stressed upon the fact that water is the solvent of choice for nature as in biological system all organic compounds such as fats, proteins undergo reactions but mimicking those reactions in laboratory is not possible because of poor solubility of these compounds in water. He also threw light on the examples of organic reactions successfully carried out in water as a solvent as a result of forced hydrophobic interactions. The seminar concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Updesh Kaur, Head, PG Department of Chemistry, KMV. All the lectures were well received by all the students and they actively participated in the interaction with the speakers. Principal Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi lauded the efforts of Chemistry Department for holding such seminar and averred that these type of seminars are a regular feature in the KMV. She further maintained that such type of activities go a long way in creating interest about the subject in young and vibrant minds so that the students can be motivated to explore all the aspects of the subject.

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