KMV organizes a visit to the old age home

Jalandhar 8 September (Jaswinder Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya- the Heritage and Autonomous institution, Jalandhar believes the actual defined objective of education that is to impart holistic value based education. As a part of the college’s initiative to sensitize the young towards the aged and also to celebrate the National Grandparent’s Day, the college paid a visit to the Tyagmurti Acharya Vishvanath (Sidh) Vridh Ashram Ladhewali, Jalandhar. The visit was organized by the Student Welfare Department of the college and the members of the Student Council of the college paid a visit to the old age home and also spent some thought provoking moments with the inmates of the old age home. Students interacted with the elderly to get insights about their daily routine, their experiences of life and also tried to understand their philosophy of life. The students also pledged to work for educating society about the problems and needs of senior citizens. It is worth mentioning that the KMV took an initiative to celebrate the grandparents’ day with the ones who have been deserted by their family members and are now residing in the old age home in order to give out a message to the younger generation that they should take care of their elderly and should understand their feelings and emotions.
Principal Prof. Atima Sharma Dwivedi appreciated the initiative taken by the Student Council and the Student Welfare Department of the college and averred that these types of visits should be a regular feature as through these visits the younger generation can be sensitized about the needs and conditions of the elderly people and can motivate the students to become a better and a sensitive human being in the life.

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