Jalandhar March 9 (Jaswinder Azad)- C.V. Raman Science Society of Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya under the able guidance of Principal Prof. Dr.(Mrs.) Ajay Sareen celebrated National Science Day on the Theme- “Science for People and People for Science.” More than 550 students of Botany, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology Department participated in activities organized by each Science department.
Chemistry department organized Workshop on Checking Adulteration in Food Stuffs like milk, spices, grains and made the Home Science students and Science students aware about Treatment of fruits and vegetables in kitchen to remove pesticides to appreciable extent. Poster, Slogan and Rangoli competitions were also held on this day.
Botany department celebrated National Science Day by organizing events such as Fireless cooking, Power of senses and Planter decoration.
Bioinformatics department organized a Video Lecture by Michael Rosbash (Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine 2017) on the Topic —The Chadian Clock Transcriptional Feedback and The Regulation of Gene expression.
Biotechnology department organized Poster making and Slogan writing competition, Testing of milk for Fat analysis, SNF, adulteration and Blood testing for Blood groups, Hemoglobin count and Rh-factor.
Zoology department celebrated this day by organizing Awareness campaign regarding Modes of Spread and Prevention of Swine flu for the non-teaching and supporting staff of HMV. Poster presentation and Slogan writing competition was also held on this day. Physics Department organized. Poster making and Slogan writing competitions and set up the laboratories for experiments on Light.
Principal Dr.(Mrs) Ajay Sareen congratulated all the faculty members, students and supporting staff of Science department and highly appreciated the efforts of students. She said that by organizing such activities, students get opportunity to show their hidden talent.
Dr.Neelam Sharma, Coordinator of the event also congratulated all the Prize winners and said there are people who have the better ideas and with their research activities can develop a better nation for the welfare of the people. Heads of departments of Science, Dr. Neelam Sharma, Dr. Seema Marwaha, Mrs. Saloni Sharma, Dr. Jitender, Dr. Anjana Bhatia, Mr. Harpreet Singh and all faculty members were present on this occasion.

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