Night Sky Watch organized at HMV

Jalandhar November 30 (Jaswinder Azad)- The Chandrayaan Vipnet club of Physics Department, Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar organized “Night Sky Watch” at IT Conference Hall. Total 107 students of various streams of the college participated in this life time experienced event. Mrs. Saloni Sharma, HOD Physics welcomed the Resource Person Mr. Akashdeep Singh, Incharge of Night Sky Watch from Pushpa Gujral Science City with a planter.
Mr. Akashdeep Singh gave a power point presentation on “Universe and Celestial Bodies” to aware the students about composition of our Solar System. He described about the creation of moon and tilting of the axis of the earth in a very remarkable manner. He explained about the formation of seasons as well as day and night on the surface of earth. He told the students that Sun is about 149 million km away from Earth. He compared the size of earth and sun and told that diameter of Sun is 109 times the diameter of Earth. Size of the other planets was also compared with that of the Sun. Jupiter is gas giant, made up of mainly hydrogen and helium. In his lecture he explained to the students that stars may appear white to human eye but all stars are of different colours. The Colour of the stars depends upon the temperature of that star.
After presentation, Mr. Akashdeep Singh set high power telescope in the college lawn. He focused on moon and planet Saturn with two telescopes. Faculty members of the college and students viewed the surface of moon and the Saturn with beautiful rings with the telescope. On this event, Principal Prof. Dr.(Mrs.) Ajay Sareen applauded the Physics department for organizing such an innovative event. Dr. Seema Marwaha, H.O.D Zoology and Ms. Simmi Garg, Assistant Professor in Physics were also present.

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