Prepared 389 Besan Chillas for Limca Book of Records by St.Soldier Institute of Hotel Management

Jalandhar March 27 (Jaswinder Azad)- Continuing the efforts of setting new standards in hospitality education, once again St. Soldier Institute of Hotel Management have oragnised an event which will create a record in Limca Book of Records. Earlier the students have prepared 100 feet long cake in 90 minutes; this time they have prepared 389 Besan Chillas in just 85 minutes. This event will be recorded in Limca Book of Records for its uniquness as no one worldwide has attempted to create this record of preparing these many chillas with all different toppings. All these Chilla were of diffrent 389 types with unique toppings.
Event was witnessed by Deputy Commiiosser of Jalandhar Sh. Varinder Kumar Sharma, ADC, Jalandhhar Sh. Jasbir Singh, Assistant Commisioner Himanshu Jain in the precsence of Sangeeta Chopra, Vice Chairperson, Prof. Manhar Arora Managing Director, Sh. Sandeep Lohani Principal St. Soldier Institute of Hotel Management.
According to Sandeep Lohani “ We have taken approval from the Limca Book of Records to attempt this record. For the verification and auhtenticity the Team of Chef Sumer Kapoor, Chef Suresh, and General Manager Sanjeev Sharma was constituted. They inspected and recorded the whole event by following all the guidelines prescribed by the authroties of Limca Book of records.”
Prof. Manhar Arora told that the objective of this record attempt was to promote the Indian Besan Chilla which is a healthier food and widely consumed in India. By this record we are challenging the worldwide contenders to come forward and break our record once created. By this way Indian Besan Chilla will be popular wordwide.”

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