Sanskriti KMV School held a day’s session for parents and the teachers

session for parents and the teachersJalandhar June 4 (Jaswinder Azad)- Education is successful only when we teach society to give a secure environment to children. Empowering children to keep themselves alert, safe and responsive to dangers, is another integral part of education. With this aim, Sanskriti KMV School, held a day’s session for parents and the teachers, inviting Mrs Vibha Kanwar, President, Inner Wheel Club, an organisation working into upliftment of under privileged society. She was the key speaker on the issue of safe guarding children by making them aware of good touch and bad touch. Mrs Rachna Monga, Principal, mentioned it as the first and foremost need of education. We must teach children to be self aware and respond to the situation of high alert. The session covered the highly needed and sensitive issue of discussion for physical, mental and psychological safety of growing children in the present society.

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