“Save water; Save Earth; Go Green message was exhibited by the students of eco club in all the four schools of IHS

Jalandhar April 22 (Jaswinder Azad)- Various activities were organized by Eco Club on Earth Day in IHS G.M.T, Loharan, C.J.R & R.W . The students took the rally to give the message of ‘Save Environment’. The students of ECO Club planted plants and sent the message of trees are Green Gold The students of class VI made Book Mark and wrote message on, ‘Conservation of Earth’. Special Assembly was conducted where the students were made aware to Save our, ‘Mother Earth’ by planting as many as trees they can. The students made flash cards, badges related to Save Earth. The students went to each and every class and told them we are stewards of this planet and need to conserve it for future generation. The Principal Mr. Rajeev Paliwal motivated the students to Grow one tree on their Birthdays. The students vowed to use water and electricity judiciously. The students promised to take care of the Environment for future generation and will motivate their parents as well. Ms. Shallu of Loharan, Ms.Sonali of C.J.R, Ms. Meenakshi of R.W motivated the students to plant more and more TREES.

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