Jalandhar January 9 (Jaswinder Azad)- With an aim tospread awarenessamong society regardingharmful effects of polythene and plastics, students of DIPS Suranussi (Senior Wing) organized a Rally –‘Say No to POLYTHENE’. Carrying banners andposters, students marched through nearby areas Surat Nagar, Master Colony, Amandeep Avenue, Janta Colony andAnand Nagar. Students urged the common people tostop using Polythene Bags as its usage causes harm not only to our environment but also to living beings specially animals who eventually die due to its take. Students also explained about the other alternatives materials which can be used as substitutes of‘Deadly Polythene Bags’. At the same time, students also gave the message of ‘Cleanliness’ to the people. To keep our surroundings clean, proper disposable of wastes and Ban on the use of Polythene were the main agenda. Students were accompanied by the School Teachers also. School Principal Mrs. Bela Kapoor appreciated this earnest effort by the student s and gave the message to save Our Environment by Saying ‘No’ to Polythene.

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