Third Day of 5 Day UGC-CPE Faculty Development Program at KMV

Acclaimed Scholars and Experts Enlighten the Participants on Various Topics
Jalandhar December 13 (Jaswinder Azad)- Kanya Maha Vidyalaya – The Heritage and Autonomous Institution, Jalandhar has organized a 5 day UGC-CPE Faculty Development Program on ”Innovations and Latest Developments in Academia and Research”. The inaugural session of the third day was addressed by Principal Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi. The topic of her talk was ”Overcoming Immunity to Change: The Hidden Dynamics for Growth in Higher Education”. In her inspiring and brilliant talk, she emphasized on the fact that the 21st century is being driven by Human Capacity and that there is a need for every teacher to change and to adapt herself according to the present times in order to keep herself updated with the ongoing trends. She also enlisted various challenges that a teacher needs to overcome in order to make a change in herself such as Technical challenges, Adaptive challenges, Challenge to increase the will power for the change etc. During her enlightening session, she also explained the 3 key ingredients that are vital for the growth of a teacher namely Gut, Head & Heart and Hand i.e. work. She also motivated all the teachers to be the Leaders in their own capacity so that they can be a Role Model for their students. She also described the 3 Plateaus in the Adult Mental Development namely Socialized mind, Self-Authoring mind and Self-Transferring mind.
The second session of the day was addressed by Mr. Rahul Sharma, Life Skills Expert. During his interactive session, Mr. Sharma made his presentation on various key areas in which a teacher needs to excel in order to grab the attention of his students. He discussed various Modern Pedagogies namely Flipped classroom learning, Socratic method learning, Fish bowl, Online forums, Discussion forums and Brainstorming session etc. The third and the fourth session of the day was collectively addressed by Dr. Kuldeep Nagla, Head, Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, NIT, Jalandhar. The topic of his talk was Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights: Focused on Patents, Designs and Copyrights”. During his talk, Dr Nagla explained and also clarified various arenas pertaining to patents & copyrights such as criterion of copyrights, difference between patent & copyrights, what are the essentials of a patent and how the Intellectual Property Rights are important for the teachers. He enlightened the participants about How to protect a Patent, What are the procedures involved in registering a Patent and what is the cost involved in registering a Patent to one’s name. He also discussed about the WIPO and explained that The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a United Nations (U.N.) agency charged with protecting intellectual property (IP) through an international system that promotes and sustains creativity and innovation and helps develop international economies. WIPO is dedicated to protecting IP by working with worldwide organizations. It enlists the cooperation of member states through the nine foundational goals of its Strategic Plan. Strategies adopted by member states and organizations include Developing a global IP infrastructure, Building international respect for IP ,Supporting structures used to facilitate financial and administrative functions, Implementing global policy issues related to IP etc. Principal Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi averred that the Faculty Development Program will prove to be an enlightening experience for all the faculty members as it will open a new vistas for the teachers and hence, will give them new challenges & opportunities to explore more and more about their respective fields. She also apprised that the fourth day of the FDP will also witness the presence of many more acclaimed academicians and scholars.

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