Tiny tots of INNOKIDS understood Importance of books during their Visit to School Library

Jalandhar 19 September (Gurkirat Singh)- The kids of INNOKIDS – G.M.T., Loharan,Cantt. -Jandiala Road and Royal World of Innocent Hearts visited the school library. The purpose behind this activity was to make them aware of the importance of library and how useful it could prove to them. The children observed the way the books were arranged and how to get books issued. The rules of library were explained. The kids got the books issued as per their interest. INNOKIDSIncharge – Mrs. GurmeetKaur (G.M.T.), Mrs. AlkaArora (Loharan), Mrs. NeetikaKapoor (Cantt. Jandiala Road) and Mrs. PoojaRanahighlighted the importance of reading books and mentioned that books are a storehouse of knowledge and our best friends. They were also told to keep the library spic and span. The kids were very excited. They read the story books of their own interest in the library and were told that books take us to right path.

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