Workshop on E-waste management held in the premises of P.K Memorial Public School

Jalandhar March 15 (Jaswinder Azad)- Awareness programme was held on e-waste management in the premises of P.K Memorial Public School.this awreness programme was organized by the NGO “Pehal”. This workshop was given by the volunteers of “Karo Sambhav” – Pehal (NGO). Mrs. Tanuja Manocha (MD), teachers – Mrs. Roma, Mrs. Swarna, Mrs. Harpreet and principal Mr. Anurag Dawar and 85 studentsa were present in this workshop. Volunteers told students that how they can reuse, recycle and reduce e-waste. Students were told about the meaning of e-waste, what are the harmful effects of e-waste on the people and on our environment too. With the help of all schools and students they can formally recycle the e-waste (electronic waste). Students were happy by getting knowledge on e-waste management and they can also contribute something for keeping their environment eco friendly.

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