dipsJalandhar May 25 (Jaswinder Azad)- DIPS Pre-Wing suranussi celebrated YELLOW cum Mango week to develop taste for the fruit amongst tiny-tots and to apprise them of the various uses of mangoes . Day one was given to Tearing and pasting activity students tore and pasted yellow and green coloured papers on Mango cutouts. Day 2 students loved stoking various Mango Products on charts Beautiful collages were made by each class. Day 3 was full of tasty mango delight. Teachers prepared yummy mango dishes using mangoes, nuts cherry and Fresh cream. Students loved these dishes. Day 4 was to welcome on coming Festive season with ‘Bandan vaars’ made with Mango tree leaves . Day 5 was full of rhymes and speeches on Mango , Presented tastefully by students on stage. On 6th Day all the students and teachers came dressed in yellow clothes. Some students came dressed as Mango. During this week They learnt about different verities of Mango, Their color , shapes, size and different products of Mango Like pickle, chutney, Jam, Shakes, sweets and candies and many more. Principal Pre wing Mukta Behal congratulated all the staff members on the success of this week.

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